pasante kondom,Introduction to natural latex condoms.

According to the target audience, it can be divided into male condoms and female condoms. A male condom is a cylindrical shape with a smooth surface. Transparent, soft and elastic, non leaking, non-toxic and odorless film rubber products. The shape of a female condom is like a horn, with a thicker edge at the mouth that can provide support. Most female condoms use the method of using a condom, and currently the most advanced female condoms in the world use a one-time curling molding process.


In recent years, foreign countries have done a lot of work on the variety and product structure of condoms, such as the introduction of Japanese patents: condoms with an open and closed valve structure in the seminal vesicle to prevent semen reflux; A condom with a slightly larger glans and a tighter body, a condom with a ribbon shaped edge on the inner side of the head, and a condom with a small pore structure in the center that can be folded around the neck between the condom and the seminal vesicle; There is also a layer of spermicide on the outer wall of the front end of the sleeve to prevent accidental leakage; Condoms with thickened neck and good tightness, easy to take off and no discomfort; A condom that is easy to wear and does not cause wrinkles due to wearing it improperly, with good tightness; A condom with a cone-shaped upper part and a cylindrical lower part (Figure 7-3). There is also a type of condom where the upper part of the outer skin of the seminal vesicle is coated with a gel like spermicide, and its adhesiveness causes the left seminal vesicle to curl up. When used, there is no need to exhaust and there is no risk of damage due to the presence of air. This type of condom uses a gel like substance that dissolves on its own according to human body temperature, allowing the curled seminal vesicle to unfold while also providing lubrication.

Based on the new varieties mentioned above, they can be summarized into three categories: ① Anti slip and slip off condoms; ② Printed pattern condoms; ③ The condom is coated with lubricant, the head is coated with water-soluble lubricant, and the rest is coated with hydrophobic lubricant.


Japanese patent also proposes a new structure of condom that only covers the urethral opening of the glans


In addition, in addition to the use of transparent spacers and lubricants, and various colors, patterns, and words on condom products, essence is also added to improve the appearance quality and value. Some manufacturers in our country have also tried to produce patterned condoms and threaded condoms.


Condoms are a typical representative of products impregnated using direct immersion method. Generally, natural latex without sodium pentachlorophenol is used to prepare vulcanized latex. The various additives used must be non-toxic and non irritating to human skin. The dosage of sulfur, zinc oxide, and accelerator should be moderate to make the product soft and elastic. The particles of the prepared dispersion should be fine and easy to disperse. Table 7-3 shows the typical formula of condom vulcanized latex. Table 7-4 shows the control indicators of pre vulcanized latex for condoms in various factories.

The condom adopts a linked impregnation process. The model used is made of glass or stainless steel sheets. The product adopts electrical inspection and automatic packaging. The production process is as follows:


Model cleaning (80 ° C hot water spray, brush cleaning) – Model drying (60-100 ° C) – Model cooling (30-50 ° C) –


Model fumigation steam (a small amount of steam is sprayed into the impregnation chamber to maintain a relative humidity of 90 ° C or above. The first impregnation of latex (rubber temperature of 28 ° C to 38 ° C, impregnation length of 230mm ± 2mm) – drying (temperature of 80 ° C to 120 ° C) – cooling

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